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Along with Qest4, Natural Solutions is excited to announce the Qest4/Asyra Think Tank 2015 to be held this Fall in Panama City Beach, Florida. Natural Solutions PHC is the designated distributor, support and training center for Qest4 systems, USA. Click here to read more.

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"We were truly astounded with what we saw with the MSA testing. We followed the regiment given to us to detoxify and support various internal organs. Within a week he had improved signifigantly. Within four to six weeks he was fully recovered. Even the medical doctors were amazed!" Click here to read more.

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Qest4 Asyra Training


MSA Training
For the Qest4 & Asyra Systems

MSA Training using the new Qest4 system is offered as a two or three day course consisting of three levels. Course levels are outlined below. Training is provided on-site at an existing, working clinic located in Sylvester, Georgia.
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The Qest4 System
Bioenergetic Testing

The Qest4 is the World's #1 Bioenergetic Testing System. The Qest4 System is a fully automated hardware and software bioenergetic screening package that includes comprehensive support, tutorial videos, laser, free lifetime updates, and no expensive add-ons. It is a plug-and-play PC-compatible system... Click here to read more.

Qest4 / Asyra Think Tank 2015
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The Qest4 System

MSA Bioenergetic Testing
More than 70 percent of patients suffer from a functional disturbance within which no specific...
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  Qest4 and Asyra Training
Qest4 Sales
Learn more about the Qest4 System and what it can do for your practice. Qest4 is the worldwide...
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Qest4/MSA Training
Levels I, II, & III training including history, body systems, & hands on training exercises...
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